LG introduces new Inverter refrigerators

GR-J277WSBNLG Electronics introduces Inverter refrigators, an essential kitchen companion perfect for the blazing summer heat.

Inverter refrigerators help save on electricity and maintenance costs without compromising stable and continuous cooling.

Through its Inverter linear system, which is available in Side by Side Refrigerators, up to 45 percent of energy is saved because it adjusts coolness depending on the variable load of the refrigerators contents.

LG’s Two door Refrigerator model on the other hand could save energy up to 36 percent through its Inverter compressor technology. It also increases durability and reduces noise levels up to 37.8db—even quieter than a typical 39dB noise level in a library.

“The LG Inverter refrigerators, along with the rest of LG’s appliances, have been specifically designed based on consumers’ wants and needs at home,” said Mr. Youngmin Chae, LG Philippines’ vice president for Home Appliances. “Our topmost priority in our refrigerator was really to create that powerful cooling performance without the taxing electricity and repair bills. We expect that consumers will deem the LG Inverter refrigerators fully-functional and beneficial to their homes, especially this warm summer.”

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