Nostalgia wins again! The Trapper Keeper returns as a tablet case!



Whether it’s to try and relive the carefree days of youth, or a desire to deny the fact that we are indeed growing older by the moment, things from our childhood always seem to come back. To complement the resurging popularity of both 80s music and fashion, Mead is bringing back one of the iconic items from our gradeschool years. Yes. The Trapper Keeper is returning. In a stroke of why-didn’t-we-think-of-this-sooner, the school and office supply giant is resurrecting the Trapper Keeper in the most relevant way possible: as a tablet case.


The new Trapper Keeper has been redesigned with the help of renowned accessory maker Kensington to create a case that is both functional, holding either your iOS or Android device, and absolutely dripping with nostalgia. The cases will be offered in two sizes: one for 10-inch tablets, and another for smaller 8-inchers, and are expected to his the US market in September. Whether or not they’ll be bringing them back with cool computer-designed 3D graphics has yet to be seen.

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