Samsung at IFA. We’re burning the midnight oil to keep you updated!


Hey everyone! We’re here at Dusit right now, with other members of the press, waiting for the latest announcement from Samsung. There are going to be a few releases, and we’re all really excited, and we’ll be updating here, Twitter and Facebook, so just keep refreshing this page if you want more news! We’ll be right back! -Ren

Update 1 1230 am: lots of good energy, despite the late hour. At this point, I’d like to beg your pardon ahead of time. Action is going to happen quickly, and there may be a few typos here and there. If I mess anything up, give me a shout, and we’ll get right on it! The event starts in 30 minutes! Hang tight!

Update 2: Here we go, folks! Let’s get to it!

Update 3, 0100: Classical music ushering the start of the event! Unpacked 2013! Its happening now!




Update 4: Jason Bradbury takes the stage as the evening’s emcee.


The president and CEO, MR JK Shin has taken the stage to talk about the bigger picture behind the Samsung release.

Update 4, 0110:We just got a look at the Note 3: It’s slimmer, lighter, and larger, with a new, “warmer” feel. It’s LTE-capable!

Hot damn, they just released the Galaxy Gear! And the Note 10.1

Sep 25 release for gear and note 3. October worldwide.



Update 5, 0116: We’re now getting a quick run through of the Note class devices from Samsung. Nostalgia hits all. *single tear*

Update 6, 0120: The Note 3 was developed with “the care of an artisan.” The screen is larger, but the width remains the same. it comes with a leather back.

It comes in three colors, and 9 covers on top of that.


David Park takes the stage to tell us more about the Note 3


Update 7: New S-pen that works with the bigger screen. More details at the end of the talk. You can write a number to make a call. It’s more than just a regular stylus now. Hover over the screen, tap the button, and you get more commands from there. Efficient. We’re liking it.


Update 8: Action memo now makes sure you never lose anything you write ever again. and you can save info, instantly call numbers, send emails and save contacts.

Update 9: Hover, tap and encircle to save interesting images, webpages, videos and other things for viewing later. each snippet is also a link back to the source page.

Update 10: anything you save on S Note gets saved and synced to different devices.

Update 11: A new multi-wondow allows you the same app running in two windows. You want two chat-on windows? Sure. You can do that now. Highlight text, then drag it into the other window, that works.

Pen Window: you can now draw a box, whatever size you need, and then populate it with the app you want. Draw a square, select the app you want, and the app will multi-window into that box you just drew.

Multi-vision: put two or more Note 3s together, and make a massive screen. Awesome.


Update 12: Pranav Mistriv takes the stage to talk about wearable tech. The Samsung  Galaxy is up. Six different colors, stainless steel and touch navigation. It’s connected to the Note 3, making it the perfect Note 3 companion.



Update 13: If you get an alert on the Gear, and you want to look at the email/sms/whatever on the larger Note, just pick the Note up, and the screen is right there on the Note.


Update 14: You can use the Gear as a phone. Just hold your hand up to your ear and talk. Beats a Bluetooth headset? The jury is still out, I think.

Update 15: Point your wrist and the Gear takes a snapshot. Spy tech. It’s commercial now.

Update 16: Gear-specific apps. It has its own Gear App Store.

1.63 inch super AMOLED screen. single-core screen, 25+ hour batt life.

Update 17:  you can record 1080p video at 60FPS on the Note 3.  3GB of RAM, 3200 mAh. Almost 4 more hours than prev gen.

2.3GHz processor (For LTE Version) , 3GB RAM, and available in PH “Later this afternoon,” someone in the room just remarked. Is anyone looking to buy a second-hand Galaxy S4?

Update 18: We’re now going into the new Note 10.1 2014 Edition.  2560×1600 resolution, 10.1 inch screen, 7.9mm thick, 535g. 6 Colors. It comes with a 2.3 GHz quad-core (for LTE) or 1.9 GHz octa for 3G. 8mp rear camera, 2mp front, Android 4.3.

Update 19: Looks like that’s it for now. We’ll compile everything we know about all the devices, hang on, everyone!