#Selfies: 5 apps you need to have if you’re a pro

selfieSo you’ve mastered your angles, and lighting. You’ve also narrowed down your selfie retakes from 50+ down to 20. Congratulations, you’re a pro! It’s time then to take your selfies up a notch higher and try out these apps that every pro should have. All these apps are free so go ahead and download away.

Squareready (iOS)
Use Squaready to crop your photos for Instagram. And I know you might say, “Hey, I can crop my photos on Instagram, anyway.” Well, child, this is Selfies for Pros and not just Beginner 101. Instagram crops your photos from the middle so you don’t have total control over your photo. Squaready can crop your photo and even fit a landscape or portrait photo into a square so you don’t have to crop the shoes off on your mirror selfie.

Pic Collage (iOS, Android)
When you just can’t decide on which selfie to share, don’t fret. Go ahead and post them all! Use Pic Collage to create a selfie collage so you can share your variations of the duck face. Remember, people don’t want to be drowned with your photos in their feed, so it’s better to share a single collage than a series of your duck face.

InstaQuote (iOS, Android)
So you’ve finally chosen the perfect selfie from the 50+ ones you took. Today however, you feel like sharing an inspirational quote to your followers as well. Use InstaQuote and add text like ‘Follow Your Dreams’ onto your car selfie, and guarantee yourself a ton of likes. It doesn’t matter if the quote has nothing to do with your photo. The more far off it is, the better.

Photo Wonder (iOS, Android)
It takes good lighting, and proper angles to get the perfect selfie. But sometimes even if you’ve used all the pro selfie tricks up your sleeve, you still can’t seem to find an angle that would hide the zit on your nose. Try using Photo Wonder’s ‘Beautification’ tools, and magically smoothen out your skin and clear your zits.

Catwang (iOS, Android)
Selfies are supposed to show off your best angles, and features but you can also try letting loose and show off your fun, crazy side. Have a little fun by adding stickers. Catwang has a ton of silly stickers like cat’s shooting lasers which you can add to your selfie to make it more interesting.

Image source: http://www.neginmirsalehi.com/tips-and-apps-for-taking-the-perfect-selfie/