Sony powers first-ever silent concert in the country featuring Bamboo and Ely Buendia


10341615_10152082324553663_18256126185917352_nAs if bringing together two of the country’s greatest music icons wasn’t enough, Sony staged a concert experience like no other with MDR Live, the first-ever silent concert in the country.

MDR Live featured Ely Buendia and Bamboo performing on a stage enclosed in sound proof glass while the audience listened to their performances through a pair of Sony MDR headphones.

10346791_10152080968923663_831530903_nMDR Live was the main highlight of Sony’s Music Deserves Respect (MDR) campaign which aims to celebrate and show what it means to give justice to sound, and inspire people to appreciate true sound quality. The company stresses that through its line of premier MDR headphones, which are built to provide clear, deep sound, users are able to listen to artist’s songs as they were meant to be heard, giving justice to the artist’s hard work and creativity.

“Sony knows how to make music come alive – their headphones give justice to the music so people hear it clearly. The sound is captured similar with how artists like me and Bamboo have recorded it in the studio. Through this silent concert, we hope to inspire people to feel the music and hear it at its purest and best quality,” said Ely Buendia.

“We are happy to be partners with Sony in bringing great music to the audience. These past few months have been a good opportunity for us to reach out to the people, emphasize how music really deserves respect, and how all the great songs should be heard with the right technology,” shared Bamboo Manalac.

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