Trend Micro keeps your XP Machine viable after Microsoft pulls support


Trend Micro Provides Extended Windows XP Support for Businesses

Microsoft will be pulling support for the XP operating system in a few short days. While upgrading to the newer Windows 7 and Windows 8 OSs is a reasonable solution for many, some either don’t have the option, or just plain  like the rugged reliability of the tested XP.

Choosing not to upgrade, even for a solid OS like XP has its problems. The lack of patches brings with it a slew of security problems that could compromise systems and lead to problems. This may be of concern to users, especially those in enterprise and corporate environments that have sensitive, mission-critical information.

To see to this concern, Trend Micro presents OfficeScan with Intrusion Defense Firewall for businesses that do not yet have the capability of upgrading to the newest Windows offerings.

Trend Micro continues to recommend that users migrate to the latest supported OS version as soon as possible, but also understands the complexity of migrating a large environment and many companies may not have their final upgrades completed before this date.

To further help those who intend to stick to XP while putting upgrade measures into play, Trend Micro will be extending support to XP-based clients through its business endpoint protection until January 2017.

In line with this, Trend Micro is offering a 50% discount when switching to the Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoint – Advanced Edition, which includes OfficeScan among other vulnerability protection software. To avail of this package, contact Trend Micro Sales at +632-646-1968. Offer is valid now until June 30, 2014.

For more information, visit the Trend Micro site HERE.