VHS tapes make a comeback with CentennialMerchant

A not-so-long time ago in a galaxy not-so-far away, VHS tapes were the revolutionary successors of the betamax. Now VHS tapes may seem like some vague relic of the distant past but CentennialMerchant decided to give the old guy one more run by transforming the VHS into a VHS Hard Drive. The Star Wars VHS Hard Drive is actually a Samsung 2.5-inch hard drive and is also available in 320 GB, 500 GB, and 640 GB. The external case uses the VHS casing of Star Wars so it definitely blends right in with the rest of your VHS collection – and no one will think to ever look through it lest they find some important albeit delicate documents. Unless you happen to have a VHS player lying around and someone decides they want to relive the epic movie all over again.

There’s also a Star Trek 1TB external hard drive that is available in 320 GB and 500 GB, in case you’re more of a trekkie.


Source: Etsy