What’s in store for you this month on HBO? Read on and find out.


hbo logoThis May on HBO, tune in and enjoy blockbuster hits while you cool down this summer. Here are what’s in store for you this month on HBO, HBO HD, Cinemax, HBO Signature, and HBO Family.

The Normal Heart

This HBO Original Movie takes an unflinching look at sexual politics during the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in 1980’s New York. Starring Academy Award nominee Mark Ruffako, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Emmy winner Jim Parsons and Academy Award winner Julia Roberts.

Jack the Giant Slayer

A young peasant boy named Jack unwittingly opens a gateway between the humans and a fearsome race of giants with his magic beans, causing an ancient war to be reignited. When the giants are unleashed upon Earth, Jack is forced into the battle of his life to prevent them from reclaiming the land they once lost, inadvertently becoming a legend himself. The adventure fantasy film stars Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson with Ewan Mcgregor, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci. Catch the premiere of Jack the Giant Slayer on Saturday, May 17, 10pm on HBO / HBO HD.

Fast and Furious 6

Get in on the action in this power-packed film! Dominic and his gang are retiring after a successful heist, but remain wanted fugitives by the police. U.S. Security Service agent, Luke Hobbs offers to clear their criminal records in exchange for helping him take down a mercenary organization which spans twelve countries. Fast and the Furious 6 premieres Saturday, May 31 at 10pm on HBO / HBO HD.

The Guilt Trip

As part of a Mothers’ Day Special this month, HBO Family presents a weekly line-up of heart-warming films on Saturdays at 1pm on HBO FAMILY / HBO FAMILY HD, beginning with The Guilt Trip. Other titles in the line-up include MY GIRL 2 (May 10), A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (May 17), STEEL MAGNOLIAS (May 24) and LOL (May 31)

Evil Dead

The fourth installment of the Evil Dead franchise and serving as a reboot of the series is Evil Dead premiering on Sunday, May 18 at 10pm on Cinemax. Five friends get together in a remote cabin where they plan to help one of theme recover from a heroin addiction. They discover a Book of the Dead and accidentally summon a demon. Chaos follows as the demon attempts to posses them in the hopes of killing them off.

Tyler Perry’s Temptations

Over on HBO Signature, those looking for some drama can tune in for the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Temptations on Friday, May 30, 10pm on HBO Signature/ HBO Signature HD. A married couple seeks the help of a counselor after being frustrated with their relationship. Sensing that the wife has already fallen for someone else, the counselor sees fit to recount of her sister’s infidelity and the consequences it had led to.

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Be enthralled by the performance of Cirque Du Soleil in the movie Cirque du Soleil: worlds Away premiering on Sunday, May 11, at 1pm on HBO Family / HBO Family HD. A young lady, Mia, visits a traveling carnival one evening and meets a silent clown who urges her to visit the Aerialist the carnival’s star attraction. During the performance, the Aerialist misses a catch and falls. Mia rushes to help and the ground beneath gives way, causing them to fall into the world of Cirque du Soleil.