Make way for GADGETS Magazine’s Mobility Issue!


Time to hit the road, folks!

This month, flip through the tale of how we took our gadgets out of the comforts of our cozy office and brought them along with us on our little adventure to Subic. We camped with them, got them wet (just the ones that were waterproof, of course), and partied on the beach with them, too! Read about how these devices were able to buck us up for an awesome time on the road.

In this month’s Music Corner, we offer you some tips on how to take your music with you when you’re on the road, including what you need to bring and what you should keep in mind. In Home, you’ll learn about how you can leave your house for a couple of days without worrying about break-ins and other risks with a simple security system setup.

On top of it all, we give you a glimpse of what went down during the Manila International Auto Show 2013 and the Bangkok Motor Show in our Mobility section. We also look back on the automobile that started it all—the Ford Model T—in this month’s Relic.

Our monthly gadget reviews are still ever-present, as well as our Tech Parade, where you can find the hottest tech toys to hit today’s market.

Pinoy-Swiss racing sensation and Tattoo ambassador Marlon Stockinger mans up our Mobility Issue, being the first male to pose solo on a Gadgets cover. In our exclusive interview, Marlon tells us why speed is crucial to him not just on the race track, but also in his mobile lifestyle.

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