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Jollibee Taytay Uptown goes solar.


Jollibee implemented its first solar-panel installation at its Taytay Uptown branch. This is the first branch to adopt the renewable energy technology which the company is targeting to implement in more Jollibee stores nationwide.

“Tapping into this alternative energy source contributed significantly in reducing our operating costs, while enabling us also to help address growing environmental concerns,” said Andrew Ng, Jollibee Taytay Uptown franchisee.

140 solar panels were installed in the store’s roof deck, generating an average output of 60-70 kWh per day, depending on the weather, and has been observed to cut back 6% of its monthly power consumption recorded at 35,000-40,000 kWh. The fraction of savings made from this solar power system has a great impact for the business.

“In any business, you really need to look for cost alternatives. Some costs are non-negotiable, such as the continuously increasing power rate, so we thought of innovative ways to address the issue,” said Bryan Yu, Jollibee Taytay Uptown managing director.

Apart from the obvious cost benefit, the solar panel installation is in line with the company’s efforts to help care for the environment. “Jollibee has always been committed to doing its part for the conservation of the environment, continuously looking for ways to fulfill this. And the installation of the solar panels is just the right next step for the brand,” said Ng.

Ng and Yu assembled together a team and worked on the solar power project, going through meticulous planning, and surveying for the most efficient solar panels. After a year of research, they finally signed a deal and saw the installment of Jollibee’s first solar-powered franchise.

The franchise-owned Uptown Taytay outlet is the first Jollibee store to install a solar-powered system. This adds to Jollibee’s long list of green initiatives such as the implementation of using only biodegradable materials, waterless urinals, LED lights, and chiller air-conditioning system in all its stores. Jollibee is now working closely with Ng and Yu as they pave the way for a possible future of solar-powered Jollibee stores nationwide.