Artist Feature: Bibsy Ann Torio

    For Bibsy Ann Torio, life is her big plain canvas where she brushes her vibrant hopes and dreams.

    At the early age of seven, little and bubbly Bibsy discovered her passion for painting and started making her first artworks on most peculiar materials that she could find in their humble abode. This young girl started to draw and doodle on walls, furniture, and even on the surface of their family car. As she grows up, her love and interest for arts bloomed even more just like what roses and daisies do during spring.

    Blessed with supportive parents, she continued her journey of becoming an artist when she got admitted in the School of Design and Arts of De La Salle College of St. Benilde, one of the premiere universities that specializes in digital arts and design.  “I actually started painting in canvas but got allergic to paints after too much exposure. Luckily, my course in college became my jumping board to explore the world of digital painting,” Bibsy shared as she recalls her student life. Little did she know that this big switch will later on change her fate.

    After gaining her Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts in 2008, she suddenly joined a group exhibit for fellow artists called Monstrocity. It opened a lot of opportunities to the Little Ms. Sunshine, one of which is her first solo art exhibit entitled Lanterns of Love. Since then, this young and free-spirited lady became a full time digital artist.

    But her journey doesn’t end there. 3 years ago, she decided to take a leap of faith and officially founded Bibsisita. Serving as her personification, her business showcases her bright and heartwarming handmade artworks on sling bags, throw pillows and wristlets made from native products.

    All good things come from small beginnings and this is mostly true for Bibsy. She initially joined bazaars before giant mall chains in Metro Manila asked her to be their supplier.  “I rented a space in Alabang Town Center only this last December, 2017. And it’s the demand of my regular customers and the on-going positive feedbacks from friends, relatives, and FB followers that made me seriously venture into this business.” From being a passionate digital painter granted with creative hands, Bibsy added another gem to her crown as an entrepreneur.

    Through her colorful and sophisticated artworks, this independent and bubbly woman vents and shows her sentiments, experiences, and admirations. Judging the signature style on her dynamic and striking paintings, it is undeniable that Ms. Torio still keeps her lively and sweet personality burning. And it never faded ever since. In fact, her favorite art piece is a cute monster.

    “Bibsisita monster is an original concept and creation that I painted during my college days; it was part of my thesis. We were asked to come up with our own monster. Mine was of course, the most friendly and colourful monster,” she proudly recall.

    Although she is the little miss sunshine to her family and friends, Bibsy had also her own battles to face. Juggling both roles at the same time, she experienced self-doubt and artist’s block that most young business owners face. With the increasing demand from her start-up business, she found it hard to come up with brilliant art pieces that guarantees her target market’s approval.