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Online Short Courses Give Employees an Avenue for Upskilling

Job skills mismatch is a problem that’s currently plaguing jobseekers in the country. A recent study by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) called the Philippine Talent Map Initiative together with private companies found that 3 out of 10 young job seekers lack essential soft skills to be employed.

Entrepreneur finishing a course on coding through his home office

The need to upskill however is not just confined to job seekers. While most companies have training programs, those who are currently employed would do well to add to their current credentials to help them move up the ranks. This is where online short courses help.

“Unlike a degree or post-graduate program that have educational attainment requirements, short courses do not have the same stringent requirements. They give anyone the chance to learn a specific subject matter that they are personally interested in or need for their job,” shares Josephine Casin, a Technical Course Professor at AMA University Online Education (AMA OEd) a platform that offers online short courses.

Another upside of taking an online short course is what it adds to a resume. “Aside from the skill and the knowledge, you also get a certificate that proves you have the capability that comes with the short course—an additional credential to your resume that can help get you promoted at work,” adds Leohernard Quitaleg, Head of Content Development for AMA OEd.

So what type of short courses can employees take for that much needed upskilling? AMA OEd shares three short course areas to look into.

Foreign Language Proficiency
Foreign Language is a popular subject area among those who take short courses. One of the top three taken on AMA OEd for example, is their 120-Hour TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course.

“Language courses offer a deeper understanding of foreign languages like English and is right away applicable to current job requirements most people have,” explains Quitaleg. “Some take courses like our 120-Hour TESOL so they can use the added language proficiency to teach as part of their current job or something they can do on the side to earn extra income.”

Mastery of Software
Different types of software are integral in workplaces worldwide. From basic spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel down to latest versions of job-specific software like Auto CAD for architects and engineers, mastery of these can help employees be more efficient at work—leading to better opportunities within their company.

“Based on those who enroll for short courses on AMA OEd, some students do it as a refresher of something they learned previously, but perhaps did not immediately need for employment. Others really take it as it is crucial to their current job or even their promotion at work,” adds Casin.

Management Skills Foundation
Work experience aside, employees moving up in the corporate ladder also need certain management knowledge to better tackle new responsibilities. Short courses are available for management-related tasks like simplifying business processes, sales forecasting, project management, and even on goal-setting for teams. Those who choose to take these earn practical knowledge for crafting strategic ideas at work—making them even more valuable to their organization.

Looking to take a short course? AMA OEd has various offerings. Log on to: www.amauonline.com for more information.