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CleanFuel partners with Paymaya for cashless payments

In the hopes of providing its loyal customers with a more secure mode of payment, Cleanfuel has forged a partnership with Paymaya to offer cashless payments.

Cleanfuel customers with PayMaya account can use the app to make fuel purchases at all stations nationwide.

“This newfound collaboration with PayMaya helps us provide customers with a faster and more convenient way of completing their payment transactions,” said Bong Suntay, president, Cleanfuel.

The partnership is also in line with Cleanfuel’s own rewards program, the VIP Loyalty Rewards Card. For every 1 liter of Cleanfuel products, PayMaya customers can also earn 1 point in their rewards card that can be used to acquire certain products found at Cleanfuel stations.

“Cleanfuel is not just about quality fuel for less; we also reward our customers who continuously patronize and believe in our brand,” Suntay said.

Aside from its popular AutoLPG, Cleanfuel also supplies high-quality Euro 4 Diesel, Clean 91, Premium 95 octane gasoline at a lower price than major fuel distributors.

Cleanfuel has 55 stations nationwide with top-caliber facilities such as clean and spacious air-conditioned restrooms, air and water services, commercial space for lease, customer rewards program, and credit card facility, which are ready to serve 24/7. Its stations, as well as its facilities, are maintained to the highest level of standards to make sure every customer enjoys their experience every time they drive through one.

Cleanfuel also extends their services beyond on some of their stations as they provide an oasis for taxi drivers as they have readied bunk beds for them just like the one set up at their Marcos Highway branch.