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Legends in the Making at the 10th Yamaha Grand Prix

A breathtaking moment indeed. The 10TH Yamaha Grand Prix is where riders start their legacy and this season wouldn’t be simple because the bar was set by Masato “The Chairman” Fernando and Mckinley Kyle “The Wonderboy” Paz. These two Filipino racing icons, started their journey in YGP wherein they were pushed to their full potential in every race. As their skills grew, all their hard work resulted in becoming the Philippine representatives in the ARRC. Now, they’re the inspirations of riders who are eyeing to be the best racer they can be. The expectations, adrenaline and dreams are combined to make history in the YGP.This season kicked off with the annual categories of the YGP 150 Underbone Championship, All-female Category, Dealer Cup Race and Sniper 150 one-make race complemented by 160 Open AT, Club and Fun Races.

The YGP 150 Underbone Season Championship was composed of top riders from From Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao utilizing the Sniper150 fitting the racers who wants to take home the titles. They all had one goal – to race towards the finish line. During Race 1, the battle was between Robert Ryan Espiritu and Garry Caneda. Determined to be on the first spot, Espiritu created a great distance on the last lap leaving Caneda at second place and Niel John Centeno at third. In Race 2, every rider was eyeing to get the title from Espiritu. Niel John Centeno made a great impression in the first lap but Espiritu was not to be denied as he claimed the back to back top finish. The Overall standings for this leg had Espiritu at first, Centeno at second, and Onahon at third.

In the All-female category, through the great speed of Mio Sporty, Justine Bethany Tolentino showed why she is the reigning champion with a repeat victory and outclassing the field in the Luzon leg. Jasmin Jao was impressive and only trailed the leader by a one-second difference after starting from the eighth spot. While last year’s 1st runner up, Erika Ondillo, pushed through the pack with a third-place finish.

The Dealer Cup Race consisted of MotorAce, New Nemar, FMN Industrial, Rhean Marketing, LYR Motorhub, and DES Marketing, all eager to showcase the Yamaha brand beyond their shop. Maximizing the record-breaking Sight115, each rider was ready to bring home the coveted championship and a season’s worth of bragging rights. After 12 laps, Emerson Inguito of MotorAce emerged on top followed by Ephraim Onahon of Rhean Marketing and JR Daguio of LYR Motorhub.

In the Sniper 150 one-make race, the crowd witnessed why this motorcycle is the trusted vessel of Yamaha’s Champion riders. The speed and precision was evident in every corner of the racetrack. This allowed JC Adia to unleash his full potential to win it all. He was swiftly followed by Tommy Topel and Ramon Franco.


The Yamaha Grand Prix is where the racing dreams turn into reality and those aspiring racers will soon be one of the Filipino racing icons. This competition is the perfect avenue to cater your passion for racing. In this 10th season, Yamaha is off to an epic start with dramatic wins and runaway victories. Will the leaders keep their top spots? Or will we see a new set of Champions in the next leg? Find out on May 26 as the YGP heads to Mindanao.


YGP Underbone 150 Season Championship

1st PLACE: Robert Ryan Espiritu

2nd PLACE: Neil John Centeno

3rd PLACE: Ephraim Onahon



1st PLACE: Motorace – Emerson Inguito

2nd PLACE: Rhean Marketing – Ephraim Onahon

3rd PLACE: LYR Motorhub – JR Daguio



1st Justinne Bethany Tolentino

2nd Jasmin Jao

3rd Erika Ondillo



1st PLACE: Anthony Enriquez

2nd PLACE: Laudie Cabahug – Vega Force Mantis Riders Inc.

3rd PLACE: Yhel Labicane – Sniper Club 150i MX



1st PLACE: Darwin Maristela – Mio i Riders Club 125

2nd PLACE: Mark Ehensado – Yamaha United

3rd PLACE: John Paul Austria – Mio i Riders Club 125



1st PLACE: Jason Bautista – Vega Force i Owners Club

2nd PLACE: David Lu – Yamaha United

3rd PLACE: Vijay Manguera – Vega Force i Owners Club



1st PLACE: JC Adia

2nd PLACE: Tommy Topel

3rd PLACE: Ramon Franco



1st PLACE: Christian Anderson

2nd PLACE: Maiko Adapon

3rd PLACE: Jaed Issifu