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SureTayo Launches Its Own Smartphone App

Dragonpay’s escrow service, SureTayo, launched its own smartphone app to answer buyers and sellers who are always on-the-go. 

The app has all of the functions and features a seller needs. It has a profile option so both buyer and seller can view a person’s profile with reviews and ratings, and an order option where a seller can make an invoice within the app. The transaction option lists the status of all your transactions making it easier to keep track of your products and expenses. Another neat feature is the pay-out option where the seller can keep track of his/her payments for the week and when they will be received. Should any questions arise, there’s a handy FAQ menu which contains answers to the basic problems as well as some technical ones. Lastly, SureTayo is adding a Rewards menu where promos and other special offers will be placed.

Examples of each different menus in the app

The app also makes it easier for buyers to make payments. After a seller sends the invoice, the app will notify the buyer via SMS. A link is provided in the message which buyers could use to direct them to any Dragonpay accredited payment method.

“We have always recognized that there is a very large market of individual sellers. So these are what we call the informal economy, the people who sell on Instagram, Facebook. The setup is quite different and the challenge is the buyers don’t really know who they are. There are a lot of bogus sellers out there and as well as a lot of bogus buyers. So we came up with a solution to cater to this individual market and we call it SureTayo,” said Robertson Chiang, founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dragonpay.

Dragonpay Founder and Chief Technology Officer Robertson Chiang

SureTayo was initially launched as a website only platform in 2018. According to Chiang they were not entirely sure of an app at launch but after listening to customer feedback they have acknowledged the need for a mobile app.

“At first we wanted to go through the traditional web application because we felt it was safer. You don’t have to maintain an Android app or an iOS app because in theory a webpage can render in any device. But what we found out that people who are really on-the-go, they prefer the app eh. It doesn’t have to render and keep going back to the server back and forth for the display. But the app doesn’t go through, it’s really snappy and it’s really designed for the form factor of your phone,” Chiang said.

Also present at the launch is actress and online seller Nikki Valdez who is also a user of the app.

Actress Nikki Valdez, SureTayo’s celebrity merchant was present at the launch

“As seen earlier on the video it’s very easy because I don’t have the online invoice order whereas here there is,” said Valdez.

Valdez owns an online bakeshop where she sells pastries and customized cakes. 

“I just send the details and price lists of the cakes and (using the app) they just send me the details. I will make the invoice and send it to them through the order option, and then it is returned to me with all their info,” she adds. 

Chiang and Valdez together in the official photo op.

The Sure Tayo is now available for free in both the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.