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Quick Look: Pioneer DJS-1000

The DJS-1000 is Pioneer’s new standalone sampler with a highly intuitive interface that works well in live performances. The sampler features 16 multi-colored step input keys and 16 multi-colored performance pads and several inputs and outputs for on-the-fly sampling to give live sets more life. Now DJs and electronic musicians can create unique sounds and phrases then quickly sequence or loop them. The DJS-1000 allows syncing and mixing with tracks playing on other equipment using the Beat Sync function. It also has a touch pitch slider, a physical tempo slider, Live Sampling and nudge features for even more quick customization during sets. The bright and vivid seven-inch touch screen provides clear information to assist DJs in their performances, even in dark environments.

-320 mm x 110.1 mm (dimensions)
-421.6 mm (depth)
-5.4 kg
-Has a frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz
-Distortion is less than 0.003 %
-Consumes up to 26 W of electricity
-Less than 0.4 W of power consumption for Standby mode