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Essential Features for Your Next Laptop

School is nearing and the ever essential laptop will once again be put to the test with  additional loads of school work coupled with intensive gaming and movies for breathers. There’s really no question that the laptop is the go-to piece of technology when actually getting things done. There’s just no replacing the experience you get with an actual keyboard,  long battery life, and excellent specs.

There are many laptops out there, so choosing one would require a wise choice.  Add to that is the fact that you’ll probably spend years with it before an upgrade.  To make your choice a lot easier,  here’s Lenovo’s laptop buying guide which details what essentials your next laptop should have.

Long battery

What’s the use of your laptop if you’re left with an empty battery? Nothing. Battery life is one the most essential factors you have to consider when purchasing a laptop. Although most laptops out there only survive with 4-6 hours of usage on a single charge, Lenovo laptops deliver up to twice the hours of usage. An average of 13.9 hours is what Lenovo laptops offer and it’s all due to the the efficient chipset that’s coupled with Lenovo’s Power Bridge battery technology. Lenovo’s exclusive technology is able to provide 7 hours of external battery power and an additional 6.9 hours for surfing, streaming, gaming, and more. Since the other battery isn’t soldered, carrying a spare battery will extend your usage even more, and you need not turn it off for you to perform the swap.

Fast processor

At the heart of every laptop is its processor. Most of how smooth your applications will run relies heavily on this factor. Together with the RAM, it’ll determine how much applications you can run and how well it’ll manage its performance. To ensure that you get that consistent performance every time, there’s Intel’s most popular processor, the 7th generation of the “Kaby Lake”. Perfect for both students and professionals who are in the field of visual arts and engineering, the  Kaby Lake’s hyper-threading feature allow an efficient run of  heavy tasks such as 3D and video rendering.

Light and portable

Let’s face it, there are going to be moments where you’ll have to do work in the most unexpected of places and times. Purchasing a powerful but bulky laptop is a no no especially if you’re always on the go. A good figure is a 12-inch or smaller display that’s under three pounds.

Plug and Play

You’re going to want the essential software  pre-installed so you need not waste time or effort in setting it up. Something that just works out of the box is a sign of a good a reliable product that won’t let you down.


After  hours and hours of usage, some laptops are bound to degrade faster than others. Nobody wants that. For that laptop that will last you years without giving up on you, you’re going to want to look for MilSpec or military-grade specifications for extra durability.

Biometric Security Features

Your data is among the most precious things you own; there’s no doubt about that. Keeping your data secure should be one of your top priorities especially with hardware and data theft issues becoming more and more common. With that said, your next laptop should come extra secure, even when physically stolen. Considering a laptop that supports additional security features is key to keeping your data safe. Among those to eye on are laptops with biometric security protocols, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning that limit access to you, and only you.