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Quick Look: Lenovo Yogabook

Save for a few tricks here and there, we haven’t really seen anything truly innovative in the portable computing space. Then Lenovo comes along, with the Yogabook. This amazing little device is a laptop, but it’s not. The bottom edge is what Lenovo is calling their Halo keyboard, with capacitive keys on a perfectly flat surface. What makes the laptop truly amazing is that a quick tap of a button transforms it into a Wacom-powered drawing surface. The kit comes with a Real Ink stylus, and interchangeable nibs so you can place any sheet of paper, or the included notepad over the Halo keyboard, and have your real ink drawing appear on the digital screen, giving you an instant, and everlasting digital backup of everything you write or draw. If that’s not amazing, we have no idea what is.

Windows: PHP 28,999
Android: PHP 24,999

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE November 2016