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CloudSec emphasizes people factor in cybersecurity

Improved culture of cyber security from rank and file to top management key to preventing threats.

In the digital world, a mere five minutes can result in a number of cybersecurity risks, including a crypto-ransomware encrypting all the files in a database; more than 800,000 exposures to malicious URLs, malware, and spam email; 1,800 new threats being created and released into the wild; and 6,730 records being breached—these just to name a few.

While software and hardware methods for preventing, detecting, and addressing cyber threats are getting better each day, CloudSec reiterates that internet users should be empowered and become their own defenders against cybercrime. As one of the world’s leading internet security conferences, CloudSec has themed this year’s campaign as “Take Control” and for the first time has brought it into the Philippines.

“Cyber-attacks have crossed over to the real world, and have real-world repercussions. These are real-world crimes with tragic consequences. The good news is that these cyber-attacks can be addressed. There are ways to stop it or at the very least, minimize their impact on an organization,” said Raimund Genes, CTO of Trend Micro Global which is hosting this year’s CloudSec.

“We are in the age that if you only have anti-malware solutions, or if you have them just to follow compliance, you are already losing the battle,” he added. “Having multi-layered network security solutions is non-negotiable.”

Trend Micro’s latest cybersecurity benchmarking revealed that less than 10 percent of APAC companies have a thorough grasp on how cyber attacks are performed and almost 50 percent do not have a security awareness program. As a result, 59 percent attribute “employees’ lack of knowledge” as the biggest insider threat to cybersecurity.

“You need to have the right people on your team. The strategy needs people and teams. All the best strategies and technologies are moot without people,” emphasized Genes.