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Coffee, Tea, and Mobile Photography with CBTL and Xander Angeles

This summer, passion and technology collide in one modish event, as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf walks everyone through the ins and outs of the latest photographic technique that’s taken the world by storm—iPhoneography.

Celebrate creativity and learn how you can immortalize inspiration or preserve life’s most beautiful moments—when you need it, where you need it—fashion photographer Xander Angeles teaches you how to take professional-looking images using your mobile phone or tablet.

“This is an effort to put us at par with other countries,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. “Filipinos are one of the most creative races out there. And we at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf believe that the best way to let that creativity shine is to give everyone the skills they need to cultivate them—using methods and technologies that are very familiar and readily available to them.”

And because a simple talk just isn’t enough for them, they decided to take Xander’s photography lesson up a couple of notches by turning it into a summer party that highlights some of life’s finest pleasures, including the brand’s latest summer offerings—Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended and Pineapple Fru-Tea.

“Our new summer drinks were created in such a way that it’s meant not just to complement the season, but improve everyone’s summer experience,” adds Chu. “We’re bringing summer to everyone with these two new drinks; even to those who can’t afford to leave their work for a vacation.”