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Ferrari 458 Speciale A debuts at Paris auto show

unnamed (2)The public got its first glimpse of the newest Ferrari 458 Speciale A (standing for Aperta) during its debut at the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. With a limited production run of only 499 units, this latest model blends the pleasurable Ferrari drop-top driving with the impressive power of the company’s naturally-aspirated V8 engine.

This spider is the freshest iteration of the 458, all previous versions of which garnered many awards in the international motoring scene, including being thrice named the Best Performance Engine, as well as proving its grit in the racetracks with a WEC title and top spots in the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona.

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Playing as the 458 Speciale A’s heart is a V8 engine capable of doling out a whopping 605cv, a record specific power output of 135cv/l, and torque of 540Nm at 6,000rpm. These combine to make the car go from a standstill to 100km/h in just three seconds flat, while being environmentally friendly with 275g of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer.

Design-wise, the Speciale A flaunts top-notch aerodynamics. Ferrari’s proprietary lay-out of having two vertical flaps up front and one on the underbody cause lower drag; while the rear sports a mobile diffuser furthering downforce. Additionally, the vehicle’s retractable hard top (RHT) is made from aerospace-derived materials, with the frame constructed from 10 aluminum alloys to make it light and tough.

The impressive engine and aerodynamic aesthetics of the Speciale A are backed up by equally remarkable features. The RHT deploys and folds back in under 14 seconds; a Side Slip Angle Control (SSC) system allows efficient cornering; Grigio Corsa five-spoke wheels are engineered to be very light; a minimalist cabin interior is amped up by carbon-fibre dash, door panels, and central tunnel; and Alcantara interior upholstery integrates stitching and 3D technical fabric.

For its debut, the 458 Speciale A sported a triple-layer Modena yellow livery in honor of the namesake city, with additional central stripe in Blu NART and Bianco Avus to recognize Luigi Chinetti’s American racing team which championed many endurance classics in the 1960s Ferraris.


California T with Apple Carplay

Ferrari’s Grand Tourer centerpiece during the Paris Show was the California T with CarPlay, a revolutionary Apple-integrated system allowing instant and easy to use voice and touch controls for everything in the vehicle, including phone calls, map uses, texting, and playing music.

Tailor Made FF

An improved Tailor Made bespoke personalization area was on call as it hosted an FF in Grigio, Abu Dhabi with details about the historic Grigio Ferro Met. The nameplate’s cabin sported luxury finishes, including a velvety Frau “Soul Aretha” leather, exquisite “Solaro” iridescent tailoring fabric, teak and ash trims, and woven leather and textile boot.

The Range

The 458 Speciale A was joined by its sister models: the 458 Speciale in Rosso with a blue and white racing livery with red 3D cabin trim, and the 458 Spider in classic Rosso Corsa with leather accents. Equipped with a mid-front V12 engine was the F12berlinetta sports car with a Grigio Titanio livery, black cabin trim, and carbon-fibre accents. There was also an FF Nero Stellato with Sabbia interior and panoramic roof. Finally, the California T was designed with graceful Bianco Italia paintwork with Nero Stellato roof and Blu cabin trims.