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Kia picks 80 Korean students for Happy Move Camp


True to its name, the Happy Move Camp, believes that the world will most definitely be a happier place if people shared more.

Since it was launched by the Hyundai Motor Group in 2008, this CSR initiate revolves around the development of sustaining communities while promoting values of sharing and volunteerism altogether. From its conception, Korean university students were deployed and took part in volunteer work, and exchange other’s culture.

The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer Corps is proudly hosted by the Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines. 80 Korean students were expected to move materials  from February 3 to 14, 2014, and build houses with Habitat for Humanity-Philippines for their immersion. Through Kia’s donation of $US 46,000, there will be nine more houses to be added in Bistekville 1, a government socialized housing project in Brgy. Payatas, Commonwealth, Q.C.

Turnover of the houses built under the program will commence on February 13, and will be attended by several sectors, including CAC executives, local community leaders, Q.C. government officials, and representatives from Kia Motors Corporation and Habitat for Humanity.

CAC President, Ginia R. Domingo, greatly stressed that having the Happy Move Volunteers is such an honor and is thrilled for the proverbial exchange of cultures. She also added that, “Now, more than ever, we see the active and ever-present hands of the youth in global movements and we– from the global to the local counterparts of the Hyundai and Kia Group– deem it our duty to help develop and create opportunities toward a positive cause. With the value of volunteerism at its core, it is in Kia and CAC’s hopes that the Happy Move Camp will be an avenue for a truly global wave of sharing and of happiness.”