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The next iPhone – flash beside front camera, panorama selfies and slow motion videos


Apple is planning to improve the iPhone’s front camera by putting a flash feature, for better selfies in the low light environment and allowing panorama selfies as well. According to developer Hamza Sood, it can also record videos in 1080p and 240 FPS slow-motion videos in 720p.

Sood said that these features are available already on the iPhone’s rear camera that’s why they are improving the iPhone’s front camera to cater to the generation’s “selfie game”. Iphone competitor LG G4 integrated a gesture control whenever the phone is inserted in selfie sticks. The continuous innovations on the front camera will make the iPhone more marketable to the public.

Currently, there is no assurance that these features would be available in the next iPhone but Sood also talked about the iPhone having a fingerprint sensor, and slow motion video feature years ago.

The next iPhone’s rear camera might also increase from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels.

“Apple is known for taking great pictures and and for innovating its features after the company acquired LinX, which assembles multi-sensor cameras that boost low-light photography without installing large lenses.”

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