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LG launches new green, germ killing appliances

LG’s on a mission to make your home greener and germ free. At its GreenHealth+ Campaign launch held today at the EDSA Shanri-La, LG unveiled new appliances that offers new and outstanding core technologies that promise to lower power consumption and improve your overall health. According to Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines “LG has long been comitted to elevating home appliances above the realm of the functional to add something better to consumer’s lives.” LG’s newest core technologies, like its High Efficiency Inverter, Inverter Direct Drive and Linear Compressor Technologies are all aimed at delivering better energy efficiency and better overall health.

These new technologies are present in the LG Inverter V split type air conditioner. Boasting the highest Efficiency Ratio (EER) at 15.30 in the Philippines, it’s one of the most power efficient air conditioner that you can buy. It’s also one of the quietest, and only emits a mere 19dB of noise. It also offers a range of healthcare features designed to protect users from allergens and viruses.

Traditionally one of the biggest hogs in a home, the new refrigerators with LG’s Linear Inverter tech are 41% more efficient than A rated ones. The new refrigerators operate on a single friction point, as opposed to the traditional refrigerators that use four. The result is better, more efficient power consumption, as well as extremely low noise levels.

LG’s newest washing machines are as power efficient as they come, and reduces both energy and water use while still giving your clothes the thorough cleaning they need. The machine’s unique 6 Motion technology provides a range of cycles optimized for different types of fabrics, including dabbing, rubbing, kneading, loosening, squeezing and shaking. The 6 Motion tech also reduces the washing powder residue on clothes better when compared to regular models.