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Google APAC HQ: At A Glance

What does your ideal workplace look like? If you picture it having tall ceilings, massive work spaces, and delectable free food, a visit to Google’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore will give you a taste of nirvana.

Located in the sprawling Maple Tree Business City, Google’s biggest HQ in the SEA region spans three multiple-level buildings and houses over a thousand employees from different parts of the world, making it a melting pot of cultures in a country where diversity thrives.

Like other Google HQs, the APAC center employs the open office concept, and a look at the wonderful universe Google has created is a telling that they’re doing it right. Google employees are free to stay and work anywhere across the HQ. This work flexibility proves to facilitate productivity as well as encourage collaboration and accountability.

Each of the floors is built around a concept and are uniquely different. There’s a floor that interprets the galaxy by way of art and is designed with galactic furniture and decor. Countries in the region are also well-represented at the APAC HQ with rooms named after historic sites, and fixtures that draw inspiration from iconic symbols around SEA.

When employees find themselves in a creative rut, at the Google APAC HQ, they can break out of it in more ways than one. There are game rooms across the establishment where they can enjoy activities such as playing VR apps, billiards, and arcade games, shoot hoops, or snack until a eureka moment comes. Most of the levels have snack areas with counters filled with a selection of bite-sized delights, drawers filled with goodies, and refreshments from sodas to juices. Lunch time, however, is another story. Their cafeteria is a massive hall with food stations for different types of eaters.

Though there is an abundance of food, Google encourages its employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Snacks with low nutritional value are kept away from the line of sight e.g. drawers and areas you need to crouch down or climb up to reach, while front and center are healthy treats. Staircases, meanwhile, are in strategic locations such as being near snack bars or lounges so that employees would use them. And for those keen on really staying fit, there’s also a gym and fitness center within the HQ.

As it is a second home to their employees, Google sees to it that they cater to these different types of personalities. For when someone needs to be away from the crowd to get things done, there are private nooks and cozy pods to run off to. If employees would rather spend their break getting their creative juices going, they can turn to the tech library to do some quick reading.

More than the awesome perks, being part of tech giant Google itself is a dream come true.

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Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE February 2019 Issue.

Words & Photos by Mia Carisse Barrientos