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Give that taxi the boot with TaxiKick

Like us, you probably get annoyed when taxi drivers behave like jackasses when you need a ride. Well, now you can fight back with TaxiKick – a handy little app that’ll allow you to give the necessary feedback to the authorities about that annoying taxi that refused to take you somewhere because it’s “too traffic”. The app allows you to report a taxi for a number of infractions which include contracting, refusing boarding, over-charging and choosing passengers, among other things. At the end of the day, the app will send your report (as well as countless others) as an email to both the LTFRB and MMDA. Obviously this app is only as good as the enforcing agencies, but since we’ve been seeing online engagement from at least one of the agencies mentioned (just view the MMDA’s active twitter account for proof, and do we have to mention their traffic app) there’s still hope. Point your browsers to http://www.taxikick.com/ to give that deserving taxi the boot.