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How tech stock is doing so far

So you want to put some of your hard-earned money in technology. Well, here’s how the big industry players have done so far.

Google trades in Nasdaq, it closed at US$608.83, down $3.17 from its previous close at USD$612. Analyst consensus is to buy Google stock, because despite earnings falling short of estimates in the first and second quarter of the past year, earnings soared beyond estimates in Q3 and Q4. Its lowest in 52-weeks was US$433.63. Recent activities among the portfolios that hold Google (GOOG.O) show that there have been 80 buys and 7 sells.

Apple (AAPL.O) also trades in Nasdaq, currently valued at US$342.97 per share, it went down $1.35 from its previous close at US$344.32. Analyst consensus is to buy Apple stock, and according to the last five quarter estimates, its earnings have always exceeded its estimates. Recent activity includes 131 buys and 18 sells with its market cap at US$316,781.41 million.

Although being a Canadian brand, Research in Motion is on Nasdaq and it closed at US$62.22, up $1.11 from previous US$61.11. Analyst consensus is to hold off buying or selling at the moment. RIM has a market cap of US$32,406.39 million and earnings have barely outperformed estimates in the last five estimates. Recent activity show that there have been 8 buys and 4 sells.

The above data is available at www.reuters.com/finance/stocks, and may have been updated by the time this post is published. This is just to give technology lovers an idea of what companies are performing in the market today. Recent activity is based on a varying number of stock portfolios. Of course a lot of factors affect market performance. One of which is internal organizational activity, especially when the company relies heavily on one person, such as Steve Jobs. When he announced that he would be taking a hiatus from running the company, Apple stock dropped 3-5% the next day which is why the SEC is pushing that he make his condition known so that investors can decide whether or not putting their money in Apple is a risk they’ll have to take without the visionary behind it.

The best people to consult are the analysts themselves. Back in 2007, Google stock soared to about US$700 and analysts predicted it to reach US$900 in two years. However, no one saw the market crash of 2008 coming and now, Google is priced at around US$600+ per share. Before buying stock, do your research and consult a lot of analysts then decide if you still want to risk it.

Happy tech investing!