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Modern Tech Warrior: Gadgets Magazine June Survival issue has arrived!

How do you think you would fare if you suddenly find yourself in an extremely trying situation, say a pandemic, zombie apocalypse, war, or natural disaster? When things go bad, fast, are you prepared to face the challenge?

If you’re looking to prep yourself for all that end-of-the-world stuff, we’ve got you covered this month! In this issue, we give you the lowdown on everything you need to bear in mind if you intend to survive, wherever, and whatever odds are stacked against you.

We attack some of the common survival issues to give you a headstart from whatever disaster might transpire:

  • Prepping for Survival
  • Phone-y Survival Skills
  • Indefinite List of Reality Survival Skills Shows
  • Scoring an Apocalypse
  • Packing your Travel Survival Kit
  • Using your iPhone as as Survival Tool
  • The Bug-out Bag

To prepare you for kicking some undead butt, we feature The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Because, what could be more awesome than hunting down and slaying monsters for a living?

Fresh from our tech lab, we serve the results of putting the latest in tech and cars through their paces. This month’s batch of gadgets include the Oppo Neo 5, Lenovo A7000, Starmobile Up Snap, Samsung Galaxy S6, and LG Magna. For our car-geek readers, flip through the pages to see how the California Eco Bike Malibu, Toyota Wigo TRD, and Chevrolet Malibu LTZ stack up against the roads of the metro.

Gracing our cover this June is the spirited heroine, Lauren Tamayo. Armed with killer looks and instincts, she fiercely struts her stuff along with this season’s most gorgeous gadgets.

The June issue of Gadgets Magazine is available now at your favorite bookstores and newsstands, as well as our online distribution partners, Buqo and Magzter. Go grab one now before the world ends!