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ECS outs Mobile Widget line of products, unveils Pocket WiFi, Pocket Speakerphone and R100 Wi-Bridge

Aside from being a prolific manufacturer of motherboards and videocards, ECS has now also dived into the realm of small, portable electronic doodads. Dubbed as their Mobile Widget line, these new products are aimed at people who are looking on increase the functionality of some of their older devices through the clever use of existing technologies. Their Mobile Widget line will initially have three products in it – the Pocket WiFi, Pocket Speakerphone and R100 Wi-Bridge. The Pocket WiFi (pictured above) sounds pretty straightforward – it’s a portable pocket WiFi router that can also act as a WiFi device for products that don’t have WiFi built-in, like certain game consoles and older notebooks.

The Pocket Speakerphone does exactly what its name implies – it’s a small speakerphone that you can connect to whenever you need to have a conference call with your staff or group, and boasts a  built-in microphone with 360° audio pickup coverage zone.

The ECS R100 Wi-Bridge meanwhile,  turns an ordinary TV into a smart TV by simply connecting the R100 Wi-Bridge to your TV or projector via HDMI or VGA. Full HD movies, games, and music stored on your computer, smart phone or tablet can then be wirelessly sent to your home theater system, giving you ultimate convenience and comfort. ECS R100’s dual-band, high-bandwidth wireless link helps you watch smooth theater-quality Blu-ray 1080p HD movies without glitches. No word on pricing or availability has been set for these three products.