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Krave Multimedia Soundbar hands-on, first impressions

We received an unusual product the other week that holds a lot of promise. Named the Krave Multimedia Soundbar, this particular audio accessory isn’t your typical speaker or iPod dock. From what we could see, the Krave is a one stop multimedia shop for everything that A/V enthusiasts want – an excellent speaker, multimedia player and a network player, something that few products can claim to be.

At first glance, the Krave looks like a normal 2.1 surround soundbar with an iPhone/iPod dock. But upon further inspection, this particular soundbar has a built-in media player that can playback HD movies using a variety of sources – be it from your network, USB stick or HDD. In fact, each purchase of the Krave Soundbar also nets owners a free 1 TB HDD that they can fill with HD movies of their choosing, and for a nominal fee, can get that same external HDD replaced with another one, again filled with full HD movies.

Like we mentioned, the Krave is also an iPhone/iPod dock – just flip the center dock station open, plug in your device, and away you go. The sound quality of the soundbar is pretty impressive – full bass and round mids. The overall construction of the device is pretty nice, and the minimalistic design of the entire thing means that it’ll easily fit in most modern homes today. The Krave soundbar also comes with its own remote control and a subwoofer.

That’s it for now. Watch out for our full review once we get this baby set-up with a flatscreen TV.