Boot Campers are now ready to unravel the mystifying journey toward excellence in CLSU JMA’S Boot Camp 2022

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    Despite multifaceted obstacles in the virtual setting, the Central Luzon State University – Junior Marketing Association is launching its first-ever virtual Boot Camp 2022 with the theme Voyagers of Excellence: Navigate from Mystery to Mastery.

    To be exceptional has always been a riddle to all searching their route toward greatness. It is as if excellence has been a visible case of mystery for quite a long time yet remains unsolved. Unnerving, fearsome, and horrifying undoubtedly illustrate the pathway that junior marketers chose to walk through. And definitely, a ceaseless quest for knowledge must be consistently in one’s luggage of foci in the voyage toward eminence despite adversities.

    As said by Geeta Iyengar, “Knowledge has a beginning but no end.” The brisk modification of modality benefits us in doing certain tasks on the tip of our fingers wherever we are. Accordingly, in this field, the latest trends in every digital platform have been set visible and irresistible in the market. Marketers nowadays are unfailingly uncovering methods and strategies to make themselves updated with these fads to efficiently serve their target market. In this era, content marketing has been one of the well-known and most-used marketing approaches employed to defeat rivals in the competition, especially on social media platforms. Further, narration and public speaking are presently significant conceptions in accordance with creating and publishing content. As trends are becoming more overwhelming, marketers’ mental health is also at risk. But how can a marketer withstand rivalry if he is not in good condition?

    This year’s four-week-long boot camp will launch every Saturday from 2:00 until 4:30 PM starting on October 29, 2022, and is set to conclude on November 19, 2022. This virtual event is for all junior marketers around the country in which they will be supplied with an appetizing and ample amount of knowledge, entertainment, and surprises from notable guests, resource speakers, guest performers, and game prizes. Topics to be discussed, as mentioned, include content marketing, dubbing and narration, mental health, and public speaking. These topics are separated into minisodes and will open new wide doors in developing and mastering their professional and personal skills. Furthermore, to someone who desires to have a successful and fruitful voyage toward excellence, everything begins with a mystery and the process of feeding the curiosity leads to mastery.

    Participants of this virtual boot camp are expected to practice the concepts and approaches learned in their journey as individuals and professionals soon. Aside from academic excellence, which is part of the SDG 4 Quality Education, sportsmanship is also anticipated from the students during the discussion and games in the event proper. Additionally, the activity will target the good health and well-being of SDG 5 as they will learn the importance of mental health status in dealing with their personal and professional development. Also, they will uncover manners and patterns of how to deal with common mental health problems and issues.

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