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    GCheck these tips to spot phishing scams and protect yourself

    Scammers are getting more creative, so learn how to spot phishing scams so you can protect yourself and your hard-earned funds.

    Financial threats in 2022: predictions from Kaspersky

    What are the financial threats facing us in 2022? According to Kaspersky’s ‘Cyberthreats to Financial Organizations in 2022’ report, we will observe state-sponsored groups targeting the cryptocurrency industry.

    Safeguarding data, protecting the customers: A Globe Business Academy cybersecurity masterclass

    A recent Globe Business cybersecurity masterclass discussed identifying cyber threats and tailoring digital solutions for MSMEs, especially in the InfoComm and Administrative & Support industries. 

    Asia’s small and medium businesses are under cyberattack

    There is a common misconception that SMBs are less prone to cyberattacks than larger corporations. The reality is quite the opposite.

    Digital Ghost: Do you have one?

    If you have performed a transaction on the internet, chances are you have a digital ghost. And if your information falls into the wrong hands, it can become scary in real life! How do you deal with this?

    Trend Micro Decode 2021 free cybersecurity conference set for November

    The annual cybersecurity conference brings leaders and experts to discuss trends, new technologies, and recent and anticipated threats across the IT landscape.

    Complex environments pose increasing security challenge — Kaspersky

    The cost of securing increasingly complex environments has soared to second place in the top challenges IT leaders say their businesses are facing in 2021.

    CryptoRom iPhone scam rakes in USD1.4M — Sophos

    Attackers broaden victim base to U.S. and European users of apps Like Bumble and Tinder, and acquire ability to remotely manage targets’ iPhones.

    Parasocial relationships help people escape lockdown reality — Kaspersky research

    One-sided relationships — or “parasocial relationships” — are blossoming amid social distancing and continuing national Covid-19 lockdowns.