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    Wondering what it’s like to live in a smart home? Here’s a sneak peek at high-tech living!

    A pioneer in property innovation, RLC Residences shares what people can expect from high-tech living in a vibrant smart home.

    Office ecology optimized—renovate to innovate

    More companies are now adopting a hybrid work setup, a move that is making the planning of optimal office ecology more complex, said leading diversified professional services and investment management firm Colliers.

    SMDC future-proofs its development through people-centric approach

    For SMDC, the pandemic presents an opportunity to serve the community better through thoughtful planning and designs.

    SM Development Corporation underscores commitment to democratized home ownership

    SM Development Corporation (SMDC) remains committed to blazing trails in the Philippine real estate industry by creating innovative and sustainable developments that respond to the needs of Filipino homeowners and investors.

    Everything is Grand at SM City Grand Central

    It was another date with history in Caloocan on November 26, 2021 when SM City Grand Central opened its doors, bringing great shopping, leisure and entertainment to this storied city.

    From dreams to reality, Home Buddies share their journeys to their dream home

    In the year that’s passed since its creation, the viral Home Buddies Facebook page has evolved into a safe space for many to share home improvement hacks, bargain finds and DIY, and stories of perseverance and growth.

    PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit 2nd virtual edition premieres Dec 8

    The PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit: Virtual Edition is set to premiere on Wednesday, 8 December 2021 with interactive features including live chat among participants, virtual booths, and on-demand playlists after opening day until Saturday, 8 January 2022.

    5 professional security tips for property managers

    Property managers deal with several security issues and challenges, but theft in shared areas and burglary is the most common.

    PropTech: real estate digitalization and stakeholder convergence will advance industry

    The increase in digitalization and the rapid adoption of technology in property development will advance the industry, especially as digital solutions and platforms are becoming the norm in business....