HALO HALO 2024: A journey to discover the arts

    HALO HALO 2024 is a spectacular event that brought together a diverse community of artists, guest speakers, and people who didn’t know what multimedia art was.

    Instructure launches Intelligent Insights new AI-powered analytics for educators

    Instructure, the leading learning technology ecosystem and maker of Canvas LMS, launched Intelligent Insights, a new product powered by AI and analytics, unlocking a level of self-service reporting capabilities generally unavailable to educational institutions.

    Kaleidoscope: Championing gender equality, amplifying women’s narrative

    Featuring empowered speakers, guest hosts, judges, and performers who inspired and entertained at KALEIDOSCOPE: Championing Gender Equality, Amplifying Women's Narrative. The event, held on July 6, 2024, at...

    Mapua MCL’s HALO HALO 2024 celebrates art in diversity

    Get ready for HALO HALO 2024, an exciting event that brings together art, culture, and community. In line with this year's theme, "Arts in Diversity," the event wants to showcase the beauty and strength found in the combination of different artistic expressions and cultural backgrounds. 

    Seven Filipino teams gear up for the 2024 Shell Eco-marathon in Lombok, Indonesia

    As Shell Pilipinas celebrates its 110th Anniversary, seven teams from various universities in the Philippines are set to showcase their creativity, engineering skills, and teamwork in Lombok, Indonesia for the Shell Eco-marathon 2024 Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME) competition. 

    KALEIDOSCOPE: Championing gender equality, amplifying women’s narrative

    The PUP Junior Marketing Executives (JME), marks a significant milestone heralding their first-ever event dedicated to celebrating women with KALEIDOSCOPE: Championing Gender Equality, Amplifying Women's Narrative.

    “Marketing Ka Lang?”: Emin3Nce breaks boundaries and stigma of marketing

    Get ready to witness a marketing revolution! Emin3Nce, a student-led marketing production from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, is poised to shake things up with its upcoming production to shatter marketing stereotypes.

    Instructure launches offline feature for Canvas Student app, furthering equitable access to learning

    The Canvas Student mobile application can now be accessed offline. This new feature facilitates seamless, automatic, easy-to-use learning, allowing students to access a variety of pre-selected content on the go regardless of their data plan or internet connection.

    FEU releases guidelines for the responsible use of AI

    With the growing importance of digital tools in the evolving education landscape, Far Eastern University (FEU) recognizes the need to adapt to innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) in the academic setting.