How to make the most of Google’s Circle to Search

    Google’s Circle to Search feature lets you quickly look up anything you’re watching on your phone by encircling any visual element.

    Common mistakes to avoid when selecting a web host

    Before you pick any web host provider, you should first think about what you want, so you can get the services that will meet your specific needs and demands.

    Canva acquires design platform Affinity to bring professional design tools to every organization

    Together, Canva and Affinity will be a powerhouse combination built to supercharge the goals of every type of designer.

    Using AI to keep YouTube safe

    YouTube has implemented a policy requiring creators to clearly disclose when a video has been altered or synthetically created using AI tools.

    Five tips for small business owners to help grow their business online

    With new technologies emerging such as artificial intelligence, there is no time like the present to help your small business grow by taking advantage of the online world.

    Straits Interactive unveils Capabara, the next-gen AI capability suite for organizations 

    The Capabara platform (consisting of the Capabara AI Assistant, Knowledge System, and Capability Management) delivers a comprehensive solution for organizations to develop, govern, and manage their digital transformation goals, all while promoting the safe and responsible use of AI. 

    Google PH top search trends for 2023

    Google ends the year once again by releasing the Year In Search 2023, its annual compilation of the top trending keywords and terms that Filipinos search for.

    6 tips for creating product pages that help convert e-commerce store visitors

    Having an e-commerce store is a great way for any business to establish an online presence and reach a wider audience. However, if your website’s product pages aren’t optimized, you’ll have difficulty converting visitors and retaining your online customers, which can lead to lost sales opportunities.

    Microsoft introduces AI-powered innovations for frontline workers

    Microsoft has announced the expansion of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology into a new software designed to streamline processes for frontline workers to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and enable faster decision-making.