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    Google ends the year once again by releasing the Year In Search 2023, its annual compilation of the top trending keywords and terms that Filipinos search for.

    These top 10 lists serve as a record of the many events and issues that people have gotten caught up in over the years. For example, SIM registration topped the News list because of the new law that mandated everyone to register their phone numbers, and because Filipinos wanted to know more about the process. Major international events are also high on Filipinos’ awareness, as the Israel-Hamas war is ranked fifth in the top News trends.

    The pop culture lists are also full of names that are bound to trigger specific memories from months past. Among many other keywords, there’s Japanese actor Mackenyu who ranked #2 in Male Personalities because of the reception to his One Piece role, Jenna Ortega (#8 in Female Personalities) who’s enjoying her career highs from Wednesday and Scream 7, and local TV drama Maria Clara at Ibarra that gripped Filipinos during its TV run.

    TV shows and movies available on streaming platforms earned more places on this year’s lists, which lines up with the steady growth of online media consumption as projected in this year’s eConomy SEA Report.

    Below is the full list of the top search trends in the Philippines:


    1. SIM registration
    2. precinct finder
    3. persona non grata
    4. Nipah virus
    5. War in Israel and Gaza
    6. lato-lato
    7. Typhoon Egay update
    8. Taal Volcano update
    9. Turkey earthquake
    10. MoCa Farm


    1. Lakers vs Warriors
    2. Lakers vs Nuggets
    3. FIBA World Cup
    4. Miami vs Denver
    5. Lakers vs Grizzlies
    6. Suns vs Nuggets
    7. Celtics vs 76ers
    8. Heat vs Knicks
    9. Golden State Warriors vs Kings
    10. Ginebra vs Bay Area

    Shows or Series

    1. Duty After School
    2. Maria Clara at Ibarra
    3. Moving
    4. The Glory
    5. Twinkling Watermelon
    6. King the Land
    7. XO, Kitty
    8. The Last of Us
    9. My Lovely Liar
    10. Strong Girl Nam-soon

    Songs or Lyrics

    1. Say You Won’t Let Go
    2. ERE
    3. Pasilyo
    4. Uhaw
    5. Lupang Hinirang English
    6. Angels Like You
    7. California King Bed
    8. Rapstar
    9. Raining In Manila
    10. Jopay


    1. Blade Ball codes
    2. Delta Executor
    3. Soldier, Poet, or King quiz
    4. Cosmic Values
    5. Anime Adventures codes
    6. Farlight
    7. Choox Sega
    8. Honkai: Star Rail
    9. Minecraft 1.20
    10. Project Slayers codes

    Male Personalities

    1. Ahn Bo-hyun
    2. Mackenyu
    3. Marco Gumabao
    4. Taylor Lautner
    5. Travis Kelce
    6. Liam Hemsworth
    7. David Licauco
    8. Kyle Kuzma
    9. Juan Karlos
    10. Chen Zhe Yuan

    Female Personalities

    1. Katy Louise Saunders
    2. Cristine Reyes
    3. Millie Bobby Brown
    4. Lee Da-in
    5. Issa Pressman
    6. Janna Dominguez
    7. Bada Lee
    8. Jenna Ortega
    9. Emily Rudd
    10. Isabel Santos


    1. Oppenheimer
    2. John Wick: Chapter 4
    3. Barbie
    4. Insidious: The Red Door
    5. The Menu
    6. Extraction 2
    7. I Love Lizzy
    8. Evil Dead Rise
    9. Nowhere
    10. Kill Boksoon


    1. Mike Enriquez
    2. Joey Paras
    3. Matthew Perry
    4. Andrei Sison
    5. Patrick Guzman
    6. Mario Dumaual
    7. John Regala
    8. Michael Gambon
    9. Park Soo Ryun
    10. Tina Turner

    Korean Series

    1. Duty After School
    2. Moving
    3. The Glory
    4. Twinkling Watermelon
    5. King the Land
    6. My Lovely Liar
    7. Strong Girl Nam-soon
    8. Alchemy of Souls
    9. Island
    10. A Time Called You

    To see the full Year in Search 2023 list, click here.

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