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    Tech 2023: What’s in store?

    2023 is a new year, opening up opportunities for a fresh start as well as prospects for new innovations. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for tech in 2023.

    ‘Tis the season of giving, virtually

    As we’re gradually recovering from the pandemic, in-person activities and gatherings have started to come back. However, some people are still hesitant to attend face-to-face events. Given no choice...

    Leveraging tech for hybrid gatherings in the new normal

    As the world slowly opens up and adapts to the new normal, hybrid gatherings are becoming the trend. Guests can choose between two options—being physically present in the venue or remotely connected through gadgets and tools.

    More than the game: The people behind MPL-PH

    There is a massive misconception that esports, like the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League - Philippines (MPL-PH) is all about the players and coaches and the team that’s out to win it all.

    Exploring open-world games

    Living in a reality where stop and pause buttons do not exist can be tiring; to run from responsibilities at work or stressful days at school, we take refuge in open-world games.

    Gadgets for hybrid learning

    Here are some useful gadgets for hybrid learning, as students transition between online and face-to-face classes.

    Virtual reality in gaming

    With recent developments in VR headsets alongside the release of VR-based games, it seems evident that Virtual Reality will be the next big thing in gaming.

    Tiktok: The next big thing since Instagram

    TikTok — a bitesize and user-friendly platform — is the most downloaded app in 2022, outperforming Facebook and Instagram, now reaching over 6 billion downloads worldwide.

    Streaming: How the net took over TV

    Streaming has changed the way we consume video content, making us tune in more to the internet than the usual television shows.