Straits Interactive unveils Capabara, the next-gen AI capability suite for organizations 

    TechnologyEnterpriseStraits Interactive unveils Capabara, the next-gen AI capability suite for organizations 

    Straits Interactive proudly announced the launch of Capabara, a suite of software meticulously designed to empower organizations by harnessing the power of Generative AI, featuring ChatGPT-like capabilities, to support their business objectives. The Capabara platform (consisting of the Capabara AI Assistant, Knowledge System, and Capability Management) delivers a comprehensive solution for organizations to develop, govern, and manage their digital transformation goals, all while promoting the safe and responsible use of AI. 

    Capabara aims to address the top pain points organizations face when adopting Generative AI for their enterprise – leakage of corporate data, training an external AI model, and staff’s concern about job obsolescence. 

    Through three powerful components, the software suite allows organizations to take control of Generative AI for the enterprise. These are: 

    ● Capabara AI Assistant: A Robust GPT-Powered Chatbot for Creating Custom AI Tools in workflows 

    In addition to offering a library of ready-to-use AI capability tools, enterprises can now craft their prompts to develop unique Generative AI utilities tailored for in-house applications. This innovative feature empowers organizations to customize workflow activities powered by AI, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency across all aspects of their operations. Staff can now take control and harness Generative AI effectively to increase their value in their current and future positions. 

    ● Capabara Knowledge System: Supported by the Industry’s First DPO AI Assistant 

    The Capabara Knowledge System breaks new ground in AI-driven data governance. Anchored on the robust technology stack of Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM), developed in collaboration with Rackspace, it debuts as the industry’s inaugural AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) Assistant. This innovative solution serves as an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to govern personal data and align themselves with data protection laws, including the Philippine Data Protection Act (DPA), while being assisted by consultants from Straits Interactive. Furthermore, the system leverages Straits Interactive’s exhaustive ‘brain’ – a culmination of intensive research encompassing data protection regulations, enforcement cases, and advisory insights. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, businesses can upload their own internal documents and enjoy the benefits of conversational AI. 

    ● Capabara Capability Management: Transforming AI Suggestions into Actionable Tasks 

    Capabara Capability Management lets you convert AI recommendations into real-world, executable tasks that can be documented, implemented, and reviewed. This cutting-edge tool is primed to help organizations enhance their performance, mitigate risks, and reach compliance objectives. 

    “We envision the Capabara Capability-as-a-Service to be a platform ecosystem meticulously designed for the AI Business Professional,” affirms CEO Kevin Shepherdson. “These are the trailblazers equipped to harness generative AI tools, create value, and integrate AI ethically, responsibly, and effectively within their organizations.” 

    Embark on the Roadmap to Digital Transformation with Capabara 

    Straits Interactive’s country manager in the Philippines Edwin Concepcion is ready for the software’s launch in the country, stating: “We are excited to launch the Capabara-as-a-Service in the Philippines, a testament to our commitment to empowering businesses with the innovative use of Generative AI. We are confident that Capabara will have transformative effects on business workflows, and will propel businesses towards greater productivity in the dynamic landscape of the Philippines.” 

    Capabara Capability-as-a-Service will be available in Q2 2024. Interested companies can visit to sign up as beta users and start their journey towards digital transformation. Please contact Straits Interactive at [email protected] for interested parties. 

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