CS Expo 2023 V2.0: FEU Tech’s marquee event returns with promises of paradigm-shifting innovations

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    In the heart of technological evolution, the Far Eastern University Institute of Technology – Computer Science Department is once again poised to set the stage for groundbreaking innovations with the 11th installment of its annual capstone event — CS EXPO 2023 V.2.0. This three-day exhibition, to be held on November 22, 28, and 29, promises to be a beacon of innovation and a testament to the boundless potential of this year’s graduating batch under the BS Computer Science program.

    Kicking off this iteration is the prelude event: DevDay, scheduled for November 22, 2023, at the FEU Tech 17th Floor Multi-Purpose Room. DevDay is not just a symposium — it’s a melting pot of ideas and insights into the current state of computer science. Respected thought leaders and industry professionals will grace the stage to share their experiences and shed light on what is required to galvanize a paradigm shift. DevDay is more than just a space for healthy discourse, but also a call to action for this crop of students to network, collaborate, and learn more about the industry.

    The focal point of CS Expo is the two-day main event, set to unfold on November 28 and 29, 2023, at the FEU Tech Innovation Center. The students will take center stage, presenting their trailblazing thesis projects to a panel of judges made up of FEU Tech faculty and seasoned industry professionals. These projects are the culmination of months of rigorous research and development, each aimed at challenging what is known about the tech landscape and how to improve it.

    Spread across the three-day event are an impressive roster of technology pioneers and leaders who will speak about topics such as the ethics of privacy during matters of national security, the future of data analytics, and the effect of generative AI in the healthcare industry. Confirmed keynote speakers include Mr. Kenneth Molina, Lead Data Scientist for PLDT Smart; Ms. Ellen Solosod, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for PLDT Smart; Mr. Sherwin Pelayo, Executive Director of the Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Association of the Philippines, and; Mr. Colin Christie, Chairman of Navix Health Inc.

    At the end of the event, deserving thesis groups and presenters will be honored with awards, acknowledging their outstanding innovation and public speaking skills. 

    CS Expo is a rite of passage for every Computer Science enrollee at the Far Eastern University — Institute of Technology. It symbolizes their years of hard work, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. More than that, it is a window into the future shaped by these students — a glimpse of the innovations that can soon become an integral part of society.

    The three-day exhibition is open to all students of Computer Science at the FEU Institute of Technology and invited organizations. For inquiries, please visit the official Facebook page at

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