Youth Speech Congress 2023: Breaking barriers through communication in the post-pandemic PH

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    Through a continuum of breaking barriers with communication, the University of the Philippines Speech Communication Association (UP SPECA) is set for another day-long forum designed to gather some of the most skilled communicators from across the country. Commencing this 26th of May 2023 at the Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman, the flagship event YOUTH SPEECH CONGRESS (YSC) will focus on “DISRUPT: Transforming Post-Pandemic Philippines Through Leadership and Communication” for its fourth installment. 

    Since its founding in 2017, the YSC has emerged as a notable representation of the organization’s commitment to promoting the significance of Speech Communication as a discipline. As the country rebounds from the pandemic, the YSC devotes itself to building its platform for high school students to showcase their critical thinking and persuasive skills as well as appreciate the importance of communication specifically through the installment of its following sub-events: 

    YSC Symposia

    Prepare to broaden your horizons as esteemed speakers delve into the transformative role of the youth in navigating some of the country’s pressing matters, such as economic recession, digital misinformation, and historical distortion.

    Impromptu Speech Contest

    Join YSC’s Impromptu Speech Contest for an ultimate test of wit, creativity, and rhetoric! Witness the power of spontaneous conceptualization, construction, and delivery as our delegates craft meaningful, organized, and impactful speeches on the spot. The symposia will serve as the basis for the topics or issues that will be used for this competition.

    Oral Interpretation

    Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your creativity in the Oral Interpretation Contest! Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Oral Literature, this sub-event aims to push the boundaries of storytelling in a 3-5 minute performance of a pre-selected literary piece to be provided by the organizers.

    Idea Pitch 

    Harness the power of youth potential and turn your ideas into reality in the Idea Pitch Competition here at YSC! This sub-event is designed to foster idea generation, policy-making, and program creation — all geared toward improving society. Participants will develop a promising project, which will be evaluated based on its necessity, feasibility, and impact. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to make a real difference!

    Mark your calendars this May 26, 2023 and get set to break barriers through communication with the fourth installment of Youth Speech Congress to be presented by UP SPECA at the Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman!

    See you there!





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