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    Looking for that special timepiece to mark memorable moments for yourself and loved ones? Check out the timeless appeal of these Casio Watches in this holiday gift guide!

    G-SHOCK Polychromatic Full Metal Series

    GM-B2100PC-1ADR | PHP 42,510

    Celebrate the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary in full-spectrum style with a masterpiece design that brings the colors of the rainbow to a splendid full-metal timepiece.

    Be free, stay true to your own style and values. Express yourself in all the colors of the rainbow. Featuring the iconic form of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000, with design accents in a whole spectrum of color.

    The G-SHOCK Polychromatic Full Metal Series is available in two designs. The GMB2100PC/ GMB2100BPC feature the classic analog watch face made special by two distinct gradation on it as well, either black or silver bodies. The GMB2100PC features a silver body mated to a black dial, made special by the distinct purple and blue gradation on the hour and minute hand as well as the index marks. Meanwhile, the GMB2100BPC features an all-black color scheme complimented by the orange and yellow gradation.

    GM-B2100BPC-1ADR | PHP 46,200

    The GMB2100PC/GMB2100BPC has a stainless steel body formed through repeated process of forging and cutting. They were crafted with an intense focus on producing precise components, even to portions that lie out of sight.

    GMW-B5000PC-1DR | PHP 48,610

    Meanwhile, the GMWB5000PC/GMWB5000BPC features the classic Casio digital watch face. It comes with two all-metal body options, the classic silver body and the all-black body. As part of the Polychromatic series, the GMWB5000PC has blue and green gradation surrounding the digital face. It has the same level of precision craftsmanship for its body.

    GMW-B5000BPC-1DR | PHP 52,300

    Other features of the G-SHOCK Polychromatic Full Metal Series include solar powered timekeeping with added Bluetooth support for enhanced time accuracy and a super illuminator composed of double LED light for the GMB2100PC/GMB2100BPC and full auto LED backlight for the GMWB5000PC/GMWB5000BPC.

    G-SHOCK Caution Yellow

    GA-700CY-1ADR | PHP 7,580

    Tough, yet stylish designs feature basic black, accented with touches of the bright yellow used for emergency rescues and safety signs. A cool, versatile look that complements both casual and work styles.

    GA-100CY-1ADR | PHP 8,880

    Made with G-SHOCK’s iconic durability, the G-SHOCK Caution Yellow series has both shock and magnetic resistance with up to 200m water resistance.

    GA-B2100CY-1ADR | PHP 11,280

    Other features from the Caution Yellow series include Bluetooth connection (on select models) which allows for a more accurate time telling by connecting with your phone. Select models also include solar charging capabilities allowing you to keep going and going with your active lifestyle without worrying about time.

    GA-B001CY-1ADR | PHP 9,060

    Choose from five models: the GWB5600 with Bluetooth connectivity plus radio control; the GAB2100 with Bluetooth connectivity and solar charging; the large case GA100; or the GA700 with front button design.

    GW-B5600CY-1DR | PHP 10,350

    BABY-G Retro Pop Series

    Go out in style with the BABY-G Retro Pop series. It comes in two different design the Retro Pop Outdoor and Retro Pop Flower Dial. Level up your outdoor look with these two sure classics from the BABY-G.

    Both are made from bio-based resins in keeping with the BABY-G commitment to the environment. They’re also made to keep up your active outdoor lifestyle with its BABY-G shock resistance construction, and up to 100m water resistance.


    BABY-G brings in retro color combinations of burgundy, deep green, and mustard yellow to add a cute accent to your casual outdoor look. Details like the hour hand’s camping lantern motif enhance the playfully outdoorsy design.


    The charming floral pattern on the watch face is inspired by fields of flower. Activate the backlight and the blooms are echoed in the center display. A charming accent to outdoor styles, this compact, casual watch is an ideal fashion accessory for your active life.

    CASIO Vintage
    Nothing beats the simplicity of the classics

    Enjoy a simple yet elegant look with the Casio Gen/Vintage Tranquil Urban colors series and Trendy Color series. These two series features Casio’s iconic watch faces while maintaining a unique yet classy colors.

    These watches have stainless steel bands with adjustable clasps. It’s a perfect watch for any occasion thanks its classy look with elegant color options.


    Go low-key classic with a subdued color scheme and understated square form. Gray-tinged hues give the watch face an urban-retro flair. Slip on an antique-style design and comfortable fit you’re sure to fall in love with.


    The angular case frames a dial updated in the latest color trends. Retro simplicity meets modern functionality in an analog watch with a small digital window for the info you need at your fingertips. A versatile, elegant design to complement every occasion, from dressy formal events to casual outings.

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