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A Road to a Brighter Tomorrow: Isuzu-TESDA Auto Mechanic Training Center continues aiding underprivileged students


Subsidized by Isuzu Motors Limited (IML) of Japan, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) continues to run its Auto Mechanic Training Center in Tacloban, Leyte, providing free education to underprivileged, but commendable out-of-school youth to gain needed knowledge for better job opportunities.

The training center, founded in 2008, stemmed out from IML’s corporate social responsibility campaign “Heart and Smile.” Not limited to financial support, IML also equips their benefactors’ technical requirements to help facilitate the education course, such as training materials, program modules, practical applications and other skills enhancement tools. Apart from IML, World Vision—an international, Christian, humanitarian, development and advocacy organization—also assists in offering quality technical education to the youth as an equally valuable partner of the project.

Producing a competent and dynamic workforce trained to meet the demands of both local and international market, the training center also intends to develop potential technical-vocational trainers among the graduates of the program and supply trainers in the Visayas region. “With the pooled assistance of TESDA, World Vision and Isuzu, as well as the efforts of the trainees and trainers, this center is now a well-known training facility,” said IML Senior Counselor Yoshinori Ida. 201 trainees have undergone and are, at present, undergoing NC1 to NC4 training at the center. NC4 refers to the automotive servicing qualification in the Philippines.

The sixth batch who entered the program recently graduated with three top students emerging among 17 trainees: honorable mention Gerald Surio, salutatorian Michael Dalangin and the 22-year-old batch valedictorian Charlie Belano.

Graduates of the Auto Mechanic Center training program are currently employed at Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Isuzu Autoparts Manufacturing Corp, various Isuzu dealerships, IPC affiliates, and overseas companies, meeting the goal of the training center in uplifting the quality of automotive education in the Philippines and promoting the general local car industry.