Beissbarth vehicle inspection equipment help keep our roads safe

    Our cars, like our bodies at birth, come out in excellent shape and form when they leave the assembly plant. Except for a very few cases, these cars are roadworthy when they roll off the line, ready to take on the busy highways and the tough and tumble of everyday drives. But just like our bodies, cars also need regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure they remain in tiptop condition. That is the reason for the regular vehicle inspection and preventive maintenance service (PMS) schedules our car dealers require us to go through.

    Many of these service centers carry equipment that measure minute details about your car like tire and wheel alignment, headlight adjustments, and body alignment. 

    Beissbarth, a German auto service company founded in 1899 in Munich, is one of the main local suppliers of these vehicle testing equipment. They have been supplying precision measuring equipment for OEM car manufacturers and IAM automotive workshops worldwide for over 100-years.

    In addition to the core competencies of wheel alignment, brake testing, test lanes, and headlight testers, Beissbarth also offers tire changers, wheel balancers, A/C service equipment, tire diagnosis, and lifts.

    Beissbarth leveled test bay

    Beissbarth manufactures products that are needed in motor vehicle safety inspections. They have tire balancing and wheel alignment machines that keep motor vehicles running on an even keel. These machines have tire tread measuring meters to see if your tires still have the needed road grip or are already eroded.

    Beissbarth headlight tester

    Another of their main products are headlight testers. This test ensures that a car has enough illumination at night to cover a wide area of the road without blinding oncoming vehicles. Beissbarth also has A/C testing equipment to keep temperature in your cars cool and the air clean.

    Early this year, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said he wanted the reactivation of motor vehicle inspection centers (MVICs) after a series of deadly crashes caused by ill-maintained vehicles, particularly public transport like jeepneys and buses.

    Beissbarth is currently the main product being used by Opus, an LTO certified MVIC in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. They are responsible for inspecting and maintaining our cars in top shape and keeping them road worthy. Other MVICs with Beissbarth products are Autoreach (BF Las Pinas) and BSB Junrose Auto Parts (Sta Cruz, Manila).

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