Dream lives on for UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines team

    MobilityDream lives on for UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines team

    After a rough first round, McKinley Kyle Paz and Masato Fernando were looking at a redemption run in race 2.

    The day started with a Yamaha Philippines exclusive launch of the new Sniper 150. Fernando and Paz recalled all their endeavors on the machine. This is where their dreams first started. Now the feeling is still surreal for these riders whose passion has taken them all the way to the ARRC. It’s been a wild ride in their first official season and aside from wanting the championship, they are determined to inspire every rider back home.

    It was a reminder that they were in the competition for a reason, but the challenge will only be tougher as the season goes on. It wouldn’t be any different in Japan. After the costly events that were out of their control in the last race, the second race was a battle against nature. The heavy rains were not only a struggle back home, but it was also the case in Suzuka with the downpour slimming down the race laps to 5 for the safety of all riders.

    Paz displayed quite a performance to keep up with the race leaders. Maneuvering through the slippery course for a shot at redemption but the hurdle was too tough to overcome. Fernando mustered his way through the pack even with fog buildup inside on his visor that dulled his vision. The duo finished side by side with Fernando at 12th and Paz at 13th place.

    This may seem like a disheartening turn of events for the Filipino racing Icons, but it was only the weather that was gloomy in Japan. They have come a long way and the setbacks for the past 2 legs are challenging. But these two know how much work they put in to get on this stage and these obstacles are part of the journey to the coveted. They know that it won’t be an easy campaign, but this is the dream and each race only sharpen their skills as well as their focus.

    McKinley sits at 2nd in the overall standings and Fernando is inside the top 10. It is tough but these two still marvel at the honor of representing the Philippines and they will continue to fight not just for their dream but for every Filipinos.

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