Yamaha PG-1: Leave it all behind

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    Calling all explorers! Yamaha Motor Philippines introduces the all-new Yamaha PG-1, your perfect companion for outdoor adventures. This aptly named Playful Gear (PG) motorcycle is designed to quench your thirst for exploration and take moto-adventures to the next level. The Yamaha PG-1 boasts three key features that make it ideal for any getaway: Rugged Outdoor Performance, Functional Features, and Timeless Design.

    Rugged Outdoor Performance

    To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain, the Yamaha PG-1 utilizes an H-shaped front fork instead of the conventional wishbone type. This design offers increased rigidity and superior handling stability, resembling the look of a sportbike’s front fork. It excels at absorbing bumps on rough roads and enhances control on unpaved surfaces and flat dirt.

    Block-patterned tires provide excellent balance and adaptability to a wide range of terrains. For added protection against off-road obstacles, the Yamaha PG-1 boasts a generous 190mm ground clearance and protective rubber boots for the forks.

    To handle the demands of unpaved roads and long-distance journeys, the Yamaha PG-1 features a wide-dimension swingarm. This design element enhances overall rigidity, reduces vibrations in the swingarm, and contributes to a more comfortable riding experience.

    Functional Features 

    The dual seat, split into separate rider and passenger sections, offers increased riding freedom. The extra-long rider section provides ample space, while the rear seat allows for luggage storage. The 5.1L fuel tank delivers a good range for hassle-free weekend getaways. The Yamaha PG-1’s upright handlebars and slim body create a comfortable, upright, and relaxed riding position.

    Timeless Design

    The Yamaha PG-1’s analog instrument cluster with gear indicator matches well with the look of the body. The layout combines a circular speedometer with the oval-shaped fuel gauge and an array of other information, all of which provide great readability. What adds to the iconic look are the round headlight and taillight with a simple and compact design that complements the overall aesthetic. The minimal condensed design boasts a tough yet timeless look that encourages the rider to take the long route and get lost in the outdoors. 

    Whether it’s seeking an escape from the ordinary or finding individuality on uneven terrain, there’s more than one road to liberation. Break away from everything that holds you back and start your outdoor exploration with the Yamaha PG-1!

    Yamaha PG-1

    The Yamaha PG-1 comes in a matte brown color and is now available in YZone, Revzones, and Yamaha 3S Shops nationwide with an SRP of PHP96,400.

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