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Yamaha unveils new campaign for Mio scooters

Yamaha executives with the company's new ambassadors

Yamaha Philippines unveiled its new campaign along with several new ambassadors last July 25.

The launch, which was part of the first-ever Yamaha Mediacon, introduced Yamaha’s new campaign “The #1 in everyone” which references the company’s recent control over the automatic motorcycle segment in the country.

According to Yamaha, the company now owns 62 percent of the market in the automatic motorcycle segment.

The company also revealed taht it would be retaining actor and model Matteo Guidicelli as the brand ambassador for the Mio Aerox, along with the newest faces for the rest ofits Mio motorcycles. Joining the Yamaha family are singer and songwriter TJ Monterde for the Mio Sporty, Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz for the Mio i125, and Model and International Cosplay icon Alodia Gosiengfiao for the Mio Soul i125.

Present during the launch were Monterde, Wroblewitz, and Gosiengfiao who each talked about riding and what motorcycles meant to them.

Yamaha also screened its latest TV commercial featuring the four ambassadors.