Gadgets Debate: Today’s superior smartphone

    Gadgets Debate: Today's superior smartphone

    Payday is coming up and our Online/Digital Editor, Francis Tan and our Editorial Assistant, Danee Torres are both thinking of getting new smartphones! We did our research – we read blogs, watched YouTube videos, tried out different devices, but it’s still a tough decision for a big purchase (well, for us it is!) Before we make our final decision, we want you guys to help us! Please vote in our poll and post your thoughts in our comments below.

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    It will be greatly appreciated. In fact, we’re giving away a pair of Philips SPA 1250 USB Speakers to those who give us quality comments, also to say thanks to all of you guys for making us hit the 5,500 mark in Facebook fans. We’ll collate your answers after so if you or your friends are having the same dilemma, you’ll know where to go!. :)

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