A Whopping Smart Bro Speed!


    It’s a weekday and I’ve sneaked out of the office to pamper myself with a much-needed make-over at my favorite beauty salon.  I’m enjoying the undivided attention of my beauty attendants in a peaceful and quiet environment — so different from the weekend crush of matrons and their teenage daughters getting their hair and nails done.

    And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about taking a beauty time-out as I can keep working on my iPad while enjoying a foot spa.  Powered by Smart Bro’s micro-Sim, I am able to stay connected and can receive and send email, check office reports on my DropBox folder, and even chat with my staff for important concerns.

    And what’s really great is that the salon’s Makati location means I get excellent 3G speeds — check this out: a whopping 3.07Mbps on Smart 3G!