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Quick Look: Pioneer HDJ-X10C

The HDJ-X10C is the premium version of the highly-regarded HDJ-X10C. It brings to the table new enhancements for outstanding audio quality, lasting durability, and flexible functionality.

To deliver amazing sound quality, the HDJ-X10C DJ headphones were built with a combination of new materials and 50 mm HD drivers. Parts of its housing is  made with carbon fibre to give it excellent vibration attenuation, reducing vibration and noise. Metal plating on the front of each earcup enables higher resolution sound reproduction with a wider frequency range and improved localisation.

Its grille is now a metal mesh to produce more accurate sound. The HDJ-X10C’s straight cable was also coated in aramid for extra durability. The headphones has also passed the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test. While it is tough, the HDJ-X10C comes with a breathable headband made of punched leather, providing comfort even on long periods of use.