Outsmarting AI: JobStreet by SEEK shares tips on how to stay competitive amidst the rise of artificial intelligence

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    While AI is becoming more prevalent in the digital world, JobStreet by SEEK, a leading online job portal under SEEK Asia, believes that candidates can outwit and utilize the use of AI to their advantage.

    With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can carry out tasks frequently performed by humans, there is growing concern that AI can possibly affect human intellect and eventually replace employees. 

    AI is a sub-discipline of computer science that simulates human learning and thinking from experience. It is designed to respond to new inputs and carry out human-like tasks that can provide support to a wide range of industries. This includes automating repetitive chores, analyzing data, improving decision-making speed and accuracy, enhancing customer service, and more.

    Here are some tips on how jobseekers can outsmart AI:

    Boost your creativity

    AI uses principles from statistics, mathematics, computer engineering, and digital logic to generate solutions. Its answers are essentially reliant on being programmed to use a pre-existing collection of data; hence, it is unable to provide completely unique ideas. On the other hand, humans have a built-in capacity for innovation, thus one strategy for outsmarting AI is to stimulate greater levels of creativity.

    AI may be used to automate repetitive processes for higher productivity and efficiency, freeing up time for jobs that need human creativity and judgment. Although creativity is a defining characteristic of humans, generating ideas does not come in an instant. Find time to continuously learn, discover and expound perspectives.

    Improve soft skills and emotional intelligence  

    In relation with creativity, another essential factor in the workplace is collaboration. Humans learn not just from information but also through a variety of experiences. No matter how speedy and efficient AI is when it comes to executing tasks, it could never replicate human traits such as self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills.

    Even with the existence of Pragmatic AI, a technology utilized to assist in the solution of real-world problems, human cognition is still necessary as the AI itself learns from human input. To maximize AI, people may use its readily available data to save time while still using their own judgment. AI’s precise information, combined with human empathy and emotional intelligence, may be used together, as both are necessary to make better decisions.

    Embrace adaptability

    Realistically, AI can replace some manual labor, but it can never fully take over jobs that require physical embodiment. Given that continued technological advances may bring unprecedented changes in work settings, being agile and versatile is a skill that can ensure job security. In addition, AI as software is not capable of having a presence that genuinely connects with people. Being able to build a strong relationship with colleagues helps build trust in the workplace and is a quality that differentiates humans from machines.

    “The world is constantly changing and technology is rapidly evolving. We must learn how to adapt and use it to our advantage to help us do our jobs better,” said JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca.

    “Continue upskilling and learning, and most importantly, keep in mind to take care of the things that separates us from machines – our passion, motivation, and determination towards success.”

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